Сhapter 1.1 “Starting a new life”

 This is Rose Prestigio. She had a tipical childhood in a Russian neighborhood. Her father had died and she traveled to Sunset Valley wishing things would change. She spent all her inherited money to buy a lot, a very big lot indeed. Image

And the only things she could buy for her shack is a little sleeping bag and a toilet. Next up, a job. She grabbed a cab and was on her way to get a job in journalism, since it was her lifetime wish to reach the top of the journalism career. Luckily, there was a vacancy. Even though she was still only a paper girl, it was better than nothing. She has really got a hot boss, Connor Frio. She headed to the library, she did need her writing skill up. She headed to the park, she wasn’t a big bookworm. There were some people, and that gave Rose hope to find love. There was some fat guy, Nick Alto. He was too ugly, is he not? There were no other men, so Rose headed to the Frio house. Connor, her boss was out. He thought she was a bit rude, and Rose caught herself apologizing.Thank Sim, he forgave her.

-“Please, Mr. Frio, Your beard is so nice, please forgive me,” pleaded Rose. They were pretty friendly. They eventually became friends. But Rose knew they could be more than friends, and they started flirting, and eventually looked at the beautiful stars together.Image

They were definitely more than friends when they started kissing!Image

Rose had a boyfriend, who loves her.And she loves him in return. After the night, Rose proposed. For they were so in love… Connor couldn’t help but say yes.Image

Will Rose be happy with Connor? Will they have children? Will they marry? Stay tuned to find out!!